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Health Related Data for MONOTEK® MMA Resins


Acute (short-term) exposure to methyl-methacrylate (MMA) may cause irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, hypotension, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Other symptoms may include headache, pain in the extremities, excessive fatigue, sleep disorders, memory loss, and allergic response on contact.

Entering the body

Methyl-methacrylate (MMA) will enter the body if we breathe in contaminated air, or consume food or water that contains methyl-methacrylate. It can also pass through the skin. Human exposure occurs mainly by breathing air containing methyl-methacrylate.


Consumers can be exposed to methyl-methacrylate (MMA) by exposure to air from production and processing facilities using methyl-methacrylate. Consumers may also be exposed to methyl-methacrylate using consumer products containing methyl-methacrylate (paints, floor polish and adhesives) especially if there is not good ventilation.

Health guidelines

Worksafe Australia:
For methyl-methacrylate (MMA), it is allowable for workers to be exposed to concentrations of 50 parts per million over an eight hour workshift.

It is important to note that the exposure limits for MMA do not correlate in any way to a completely different chemical compound know as "METHACRYLATE" (Exposure limits are 10 times higher for MMA).

Information sourced from the Australian Government Department of the Environment Water Heriatge and the Arts, for further specifications and fact sheets on MONOTEK® methyl methacrylate please visit this site:

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