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MONOTEK® is the registered trademark for a specialized range of innovative and versatile, trowel applied, high build, commercial & industrial flooring systems, primarily based on the world’s highest quality and broadest range of methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin systems. MONOTEK® flooring systems are exclusively applied & supplied by D.P.J. Coating Systems Pty Ltd – Australia-wide.

All Industries, One Complete Flooring System – MONOTEK®

We specialise in supplying complete, custom made applied commercial & industrial flooring solutions to almost every industry, including -

Rapid Setting flooring (When shutting down is not an option) – 1 hour fully cured.
“MONOTEK® Floors make the impossible, possible”

MONOTEK® MMA flooring systems are installed where normally upgrading or replacing the flooring system with other types of flooring such as epoxy floor paint, ceramic tiles or even vinyl sheeting, would cause massive disruption & inconvenience to trading, pedestrian & vehicular traffic or a complete shutdown of production areas. MONOTEK® flooring systems are fully prepared & installed professionally in stages overnight or when the specific flooring areas are not in use, thus avoiding any requirement to shutdown complete flooring areas. The MONOTEK® Flooring is fully cured and ready for full traffic, water & chemical exposure one (1) hour after installation is complete, at temperatures as low as -50°C. MONOTEK® flooring systems are used in operating freezers and extreme cold environments (down to minus 35°C) and will still cure in hours, not days.

MONOTEK® Industrial Flooring is multi-talented & highly versatile

MONOTEK® MMA floorings systems offer so many advantages over other flooring systems (Such as epoxy flooring paint, tiles, vinyl sheeting & polymer cements) it is hard to list them all, but following are just a few worth noting –

  • Superior flexibility  & resilience to high impacts and mechanical loads
  • Very broad chemical resistance
  • Hygienic and impervious flooring (anti-bacterial & hygienic)
  • Seamless (Less joints required/ only major expanding joints required) and totally “grout-line free” flooring.
  • Safe and Fully variable & renewable anti-slip flooring – from completely smooth flooring systems to flooring systems designed for a high level of safety and anti-slip for vehicular or pedestrian traffic MONOTEK® provides unequalled long term performance and reliability. (MONOTEK® flooring systems are installed, where required, to exceed all Australian Standards for anti-slip safety flooring)
  • Available in hundreds of Australian Standard colours (AS 2700), custom manufactured coloured sands and MonoChip® coloured chip finishes, to meet all flooring design and customer aesthetic requirements.
  • Wide range of application temperatures (+30°C to minus 30°C) and substrate application types. MONOTEK® is installed directly over aged or new concrete / high quality and high Mpa cementitious screeds, grouts or mortars, compressed cement sheeting, ceramic glazed & unglazed tiles and steel plates or tiles 
  • Eroded or extremely damaged substrates can be resurfaced and repaired rapidly regardless of the thickness or depth of the repair using the MONOTEK® flooring system.
  • Coving, skirting and vertical surfaces can be protected using the MONOTEK® flooring systems.

Technically Superior and Tested over 35 years - since 1977

Over 600,000m² of MONOTEK® flooring systems have been installed throughout Australia since 1977, so obviously given the choices available in applied flooring systems to Australian industries, our continued success is due to many factors including our ability to high level of professional technical services provided during specification and on-site assessments, experienced project managers and application team successfully completing large & small flooring projects on time, and the extreme versatility, durability and complete range of MONOTEK® MMA based flooring systems as compared to other epoxy floor paint, polyester, tile and MMA resin based systems.

Also through continued extensive research and development, MONOTEK® flooring systems offer Australian industry the latest developments and improvements available worldwide in MMA polymer technology though our association with world leading manufacturers.

Total Guarantee

Our unique total product performance & workmanship guarantee, provides our valued clients an “excuse proof” guarantee of both our products performance and the workmanship in the preparation & application of the MONOTEK® flooring system. No other major applied flooring contractor / supplier can offer this type of total guarantee as most use sub-contractors / or “approved” applicators to apply their materials. No sub-contractors or “approved applicators” are ever used to apply our MONOTEK® flooring systems where ever they are installed.

Our Other Brands

Vikan Advanced Cleaning Solutions for Commercial Flooring, Kitchen Flooring, Restaurant Flooring, Industrial Flooring Luxapool Swimming Pool Coatings - Associated Product

ONE BRAND When Hygiene is Essential

vikan floor cleaningVikan has the solution to all your cleaning and hygiene problems. Through our many years' experience we have accumulated comprehensive product and development skills which make us your obvious supplier of cleaning implements and equipment.

MONOTEK® Care and Maintenance Kit Contains:
- Laminated "MONOTEK® care and maintenance instructions"
- 1 x Nylon bristle broom with aluminium handle
- 1 x Anti-slip floor, foam insert squeegee with aluminium handle
- A heavy-duty wall hanger to conveniently store the squeegee and broom
- All kits are available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black & White for colour coded, zoned cleaning.

Click here to see/download the MONOTEK® Care and Maintenance Kit featuring specialised Vikan cleaning equipment for your MONOTEK® floor.


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