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When it comes to epoxy floors we are often asked “What is the difference with epoxy really? Aren't epoxy paints/resins and all other flooring systems basically the same?” In fact, often customers believe that all resin based flooring systems are known generically as an “epoxy floor”.

Here are some common questions and major differences between conventional epoxy paints and MONOTEK® MMA flooring.



Epoxy Flooring

Can the MONOTEK® flooring really be back to full service & traffic, one (1) hour after final application? YES NO
As compared to epoxy flooring / paint, is MONOTEK® flexible & resilient? YES NO
Unlike epoxy flooring / paint, do successive layers chemically bond to each even after 48 hours, without the need to abrade the surface? YES NO
Can your MONOTEK® flooring system be applied at low ambient temperatures or even below freezing? YES NO
Can your non-epoxy MMA flooring be repaired and resurfaced quickly, even when it has been laid some time ago? YES NO
Epoxy flooring does not generally have a very broad range of chemical resistance, does yours? YES NO
Can you install the MONOTEK® flooring directly on to old ceramic glazed & unglazed tiles? YES NO
Can your flooring be laid without hazardous OH&S effects on personnel in the general work area? YES NO
Epoxy floors usually require all joints to be “mirror” saw cut after installation, does MONOTEK®? NO
(only major expanding joints)
Are MONOTEK® floors installed professionally with a guarantee of performance & workmanship? YES NO

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Vikan Advanced Cleaning Solutions for Commercial Flooring, Kitchen Flooring, Restaurant Flooring, Industrial Flooring Luxapool Swimming Pool Coatings - Associated Product

ONE BRAND When Hygiene is Essential

vikan floor cleaningVikan has the solution to all your cleaning and hygiene problems. Through our many years' experience we have accumulated comprehensive product and development skills which make us your obvious supplier of cleaning implements and equipment.

MONOTEK® Care and Maintenance Kit Contains:
- Laminated "MONOTEK® care and maintenance instructions"
- 1 x Nylon bristle broom with aluminium handle
- 1 x Anti-slip floor, foam insert squeegee with aluminium handle
- A heavy-duty wall hanger to conveniently store the squeegee and broom
- All kits are available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black & White for colour coded, zoned cleaning.

Click here to see/download the MONOTEK® Care and Maintenance Kit featuring specialised Vikan cleaning equipment for your MONOTEK® floor.


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