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Rapid curing & application – 1 hour flooring.

MONOTEK® MMA flooring is fully cured in one (1) hour ready for full traffic & production, which means less production downtime, loss of trade & inconvenience. MONOTEK® cures at temps down to minus 350°C; so it can be applied in operating freezers /cool rooms or during the cold winter months & still cures in hours not days as compared with epoxy flooring systems! Floor areas of up to 400m2 can be totally prepared, primed & coated in 48 hours, ready for full traffic one (1) hour later (at normal ambient temperatures).

Resilient, seamless & requires less joints

MONOTEK® flooring is based on specialised methyl methacrylate resins, which uniquely provide a “plastic” flooring surface that is able to withstand the toughest impacts due to its built-in flexibility & resilience. MONOTEK® can normally be laid without the requirement of re-cutting most jointing (except major expanding joints), as it is able to move and flex unlike other flooring systems such as ceramic tiles, epoxy flooring, polyesters & polymer cements. Importantly, as compared with tiling or even sheet vinyl flooring, MONOTEK® is installed without seams, grout lines or welded joints thus providing the ultimate in hygienic food grade flooring. MONOTEK® can be installed with fixed equipment & benches still in place, without the requirement to completely clear the entire floor area to be treated.

Tough & Hardwearing

MONOTEK® is suitable for areas subject to the harshest impact & abrasion. MONOTEK® has very low maintenance requirements, and is totally re-coatable / repairable. Anti-slip flooring areas, when worn,  can be simply reinstated in wearing zones & high traffic areas.
Highly chemical resistant to a broad range of chemicals
(refer " MONOTEK® chemical resistance chart" )
Highly resistant to most commonly used process and cleaning chemicals, including highly concentrated acids & alkalis.

Resin Rich & self-levelling

MONOTEK®MMA flooring systems contain on average 50 - 60% resin content by weight when mixed with our special graded silica fillers and pigments. This is the highest ratio of resin of any commercially available applied flooring in Australia. This high resin ratio, ensures the maximum flexibility, durability, resilience & chemical resistance and where required provides a self-levelling & high quality finished flooring. Most epoxy flooring or polyester / vinyl ester based flooring only contain a max. 20 - 30 % resin content.

Wide range of solid colours, coloured sand & chip finishes.

MONOTEK® is available in all Aust. Standard 2700 colours and wide range of coloured blended sand colours & MonoChip® coloured chips.
Can be applied at varying thickness
From 2 - 200mm - Ideal for repairing / resurfacing extremely damaged areas & degraded floors. MONOTEK® is also used to build up floor areas such as covings, kerbs & ramps.

Total flooring solution

MONOTEK®MMA flooring systems, offer your particular industry the total solution to all flooring problems using the most technically advanced MMA polymer resin chemistry available. The MONOTEK® range includes highly adhesive & penetrating primers (MONOTEK®B71 & 112), highly flexible systems & expanding joint fillers, ultra tough & high build flooring (MONOTEK®412, 435, 332 & 510), extra chemically resistant coatings (MONOTEK®526 & 527), flexible sealers / topcoats (MONOTEK®528), adhesion promoters for ceramic tile and metallic coatings, additives for ultra-low temperature curing and many more.

Professional application of a tried and proven system

MONOTEK® is a product trademark owned by D.P.J. Coating Systems Pty Ltd (a family owned, Australian company, established in 1977), who exclusively supply all materials, prepare and install MONOTEK® flooring systems Australia-wide. D.P.J. Coating Systems Pty Ltd has over 30 years’ experience in the total management and on-time completion of major flooring projects in all industry environments. MONOTEK® flooring systems have been applied in a wide variety of industrial & commercial applications in Australia and internationally over the past 30 years – with outstanding levels of long-term performance & customer satisfaction.


MONOTEK® MMA based flooring systems are very low VOC, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and do not contain any harmful aromatic or ketone solvents, amines, isocyanates or styrene, as is found in epoxy flooring, polyesters, & polyurethane. Unlike epoxy flooring which will emit odours, solvents and harmful chemicals during the curing process over 12 – 48 hours, the MONOTEK® MMA flooring does not contain any solvents and all MMA polymer odour reduces by almost 100% after one (1) hour.

Total "real" guarantee of performance

As MONOTEK® flooring systems are supplied & applied exclusively by D.P.J. Coating Systems Pty Ltd - our guarantee of performance covers your company totally - application, workmanship and quality of materials. No dubious & unenforceable joint manufacturer & applicator guarantees; our guarantee is a total commitment that if the flooring system fails due to our materials or workmanship, we will repair the flooring system at no cost (and without lengthy & costly discussion) to your company.

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ONE BRAND When Hygiene is Essential

vikan floor cleaningVikan has the solution to all your cleaning and hygiene problems. Through our many years' experience we have accumulated comprehensive product and development skills which make us your obvious supplier of cleaning implements and equipment.

MONOTEK® Care and Maintenance Kit Contains:
- Laminated "MONOTEK® care and maintenance instructions"
- 1 x Nylon bristle broom with aluminium handle
- 1 x Anti-slip floor, foam insert squeegee with aluminium handle
- A heavy-duty wall hanger to conveniently store the squeegee and broom
- All kits are available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black & White for colour coded, zoned cleaning.

Click here to see/download the MONOTEK® Care and Maintenance Kit featuring specialised Vikan cleaning equipment for your MONOTEK® floor.


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